Our Business Development team focuses on the fundamental aspects of Business. Our team researches trends in the telecommunications industry to ensure that we continue to deliver the most up-to-date technology to our clients and the communities in which we serve. By gathering intelligence from our customers, competitors, and the new and emerging technologies - we understand the need to minimize cost while still meeting customer expectations. Even during times when the economy is struggling, our team understands good research and development strategies are vital to the continued success of the telecommunications industry.

SEFNCO Communications has spent over 10 years developing and strengthening relationships throughout the telecommunication and technology community in order to provide the most accurate information and solutions to our client's projects. Resource allocation, effective pricing, capital management, and performance monitoring are a few areas in which we work with you to understand the competitive pressures that are key factors in improving revenue and making processes more efficient.


SEFNCO Communications' focus is first and foremost to help our clients reach their goals. We understand that each project has unique needs and facets that must be considered including, engineering, vulnerability assessment, grant writing and more. We take the time to analyze project requirements to help determine process, procedure, and product needs to deliver the ideal solution. Our skilled managers have a superior blend of expertise that has been proven successful for over a decade in the markets we serve.


SEFNCO Communications philosophy is to provide our Project Managers with the resources necessary to best serve the needs of our customers. Our project managers use systematic planning and organization to ensure the success of the project's process, pace, and objectives. We work with you to define the project scope, resource allocation, as well as preparing and executing a project plan. This approach helps us to establish a policy of cooperation in order to complete projects in the most effective manner.