At SEFNCO Communications, Safety is our priority. Whether it is a crew on a project site, or operations staff, the safety of our employees and customers are the core of what we do.

Our SAFETY ALWAYS goes beyond just being safe. It is a culture we have created. Every employee is not only responsible for their safety, but takes pride in the continuation of a safe working environment. We are ALWAYS on the lookout for unsafe situations. We ALWAYS take safety into consideration prior to performing any task. As a company we are ALWAYS improving our safety processes and procedures. Safety is ALWAYS our primary concern.

Safety is the responsibility of each and every employee at SEFNCO Communications. The management team believes in providing a safe, challenging and prosperous work environment for our employees. To that end, all employees are charged as safety monitors with the responsibility of ensuring their immediate area and current practices are safe to conduct work without injury to themselves, coworkers, the public, the environment, or equipment.

Our constant dedication to compliance of local, State and Federal safety requirements is the cornerstone for our safety program. We are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the way we operate through weekly safety meetings and ongoing involvement in local and regional safety programs.

At SEFNCO Communications we believe that being safe is not just part of our job, IT IS OUR JOB!!

Safety Contact

Bruce Erickson 
Director of Operations