Headquartered in Puyallup, Washington, SEFNCO Communications offers career opportunities in telecommunications, engineering, construction and management throughout the Western United States. Our corporate headquarters provides leadership and centralized support to all of our regional and local offices.

SEFNCO Communications offers competitive compensation, comprehensive Benefits Package, and significant opportunity for professional growth and advancement. SEFNCO Communication is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Open Positions


Aerial Lineman- Livermore, CA

Coax Splicer- Livermore, CA

CDL Driver/Laborer- Livermore, CA

Construction Laborer- Livermore, CA

Drill Locator- Livermore, CA

Drill Operator- Livermore, CA

Equipment Operator- Livermore, CA

Fiber Splicer- Livermore, CA

Foreman- Livermore, CA

Outside Plant Engineer- Livermore, CA

Aerial Lineman- Manteca, CA

Coax Splicer- Manteca, CA

CDL Driver/Laborer- Manteca, CA

Construction Laborer- Manteca, CA

Drill Locator- Manteca, CA

Drill Operator- Manteca, CA

Equipment Operator- Manteca, CA

Fiber Splicer- Manteca, CA

Foreman- Manteca, CA

Outside Plant Engineer- Manteca, CA

Aerial Lineman- Sacramento, CA

Coax Splicer Trainee- Sacramento, CA

Coax Splicer- Sacramento, CA

CDL Driver/Laborer- Sacramento, CA

Construction Laborer- Sacramento, CA

Bore Construction Supervisor- Sacramento, CA

Drill Locator- Sacramento, CA

Drill Operator- Sacramento, CA

Equipment Operator- Sacramento, CA

Fiber Splicer Trainee- Sacramento, CA

Fiber Splicer- Sacramento, CA

Foreman- Sacramento, CA

Outside Plant Engineer- Sacramento, CA

Outside Plant Engineer Trainee- Sacramento, CA


Coax Splicer- Centennial, CO

Construction Laborer- Centennial, CO

Foreman- Centennial, CO

Administrative Assistant- Colorado Springs, CO

Coax Splicer- Colorado Springs, CO

CDL Driver/Laborer- Colorado Springs, CO


Construction Laborer- Portland, OR


Aerial Lineman- Spokane, WA

Coax Splicer- Spokane, WA

CDL Driver/Laborer- Spokane, WA

Equipment Operator- Spokane, WA

Outside Plant Engineer Trainee- Spokane, WA

CDL Driver/Laborer- Sumner, WA

Construction Laborer- Sumner, WA

Quality Control Coordinator- Sumner, WA

Aerial Lineman- Tukwila, WA

Coax Splicer- Tukwila, WA

Construction Laborer- Tukwila, WA